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Limited Company Debt Advice Taunton Somerset

  Limited Company Debt Advice Taunton Somerset As a licensed Insolvency Practitioner, I provide Limited Company debt advice throughout the UK. However, one question I get asked regularly is “Is it best to use a national firm or a local practitioner for my company...

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Consumer spending underpinned by debt!

According to Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, there are concerns that consumer spending is being underpinned by debt. Whilst the economy has done much better then many predicted over the last year since the referendum to leave the EU, there are...

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Identity fraud is on the rise!

According to CIFAS, a charity that focuses on preventing financial crime more and more people are being affected by identity fraud According to their research, the majority of identity fraud cases happen when the criminal pretends to be the victim and buys products or...

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Surprise fall of inflation to 0.9%

The UK’s inflation rate has surprised experts by falling in October. Experts were expecting a modest increase in inflation which has been following an upward trend recently. The surprising news comes amid widespread warnings that the UK is heading for a major jump in...

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Children’s mental health affected by debt

Children are at a greater risk of poor metal health in households in debt. A recent study conducted by The Children’s Society estimates that there are 2.4 million children living in households with debt problems in England and Wales. There were a wide range of effects...

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Household debt rises above £1.5 trillion in the UK

The current average that each UK adults now owes is £30,000 , mostly in mortgages but also in loans and credit cards. The Bank of England’s figures show that total household debt is now above £1.5 trillion. That is a £50 billion increase from last year. There is...

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